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Im sorry to say i my only 4 days old asus a7v600-x just died for some kind of reason (this board was really slow anyway) and im looking around for a new board .I have a barton 2600+ (512) and around 150 to spend for a new mainboard .What would be the best choise for a pure gaming pc ?
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  1. I'd go with the Abit NF7-S version 2.0.

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  2. It may not be DFI or Gigabyte, but Crashman is right, the NF7-S by Abit is the best platform for xp chips.
  3. Another vote for ABIT

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  4. assuming you're overclocking,these three:abit nf7-s v2;dfi nfII ultra infinity;dfi lanparty nfII ultra b.There have been a lot of complaints about the quality of the new abit mobo on overclocking forums,while the abit was the preferred mobo the lanparty now is.After it was discovered that xp-m made great unlocked desktop cpu all these mobos suddenly started jumping in price at newegg,the abit jumped from $70+something to $104;but has stalled now that its inferiority is known,while the lanparty has jumped from $135 to $151 this week.Read IamAnoobieCheez posts in this thread(this person is one of the top amd overclockers-xp-m at 2.881 ghz on air) <A HREF="http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?s=d71c3a134704fa861bd184d59556f65a&threadid=33398" target="_new">http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?s=d71c3a134704fa861bd184d59556f65a&threadid=33398</A>

    For my part I'll just post a few points about both

    Unmodded maximum voltage:
    Abit nf7-s...Dfi lanparty and infinity
    Cpu: 2.3V ... 2v
    Chipset: 1.7v ... 1.9v
    Dram: 2.9v ... 3.3v

    Abit layout defects:Agp slot too close to the dimm slots;power connector on the leftside of the mobo(also a defect with the infinity)

    Strengths:the cpu socket is not crowded;connections not crowded by capacitors.

    Dfi Infinity layout weaknesses:cpu socket too high;a large hsf will block a vital mobo mounting hole(near the plug ins for the mouse,keyboard and usb D.)

    The lanparty also has the cpu socket a little crowded;but its agp socket does not interfer with the dimm slots and it has the super cool feature of power and reset buttons on the mobo itself.

    The lanparty and infinity are more touchy about ram,some rams having a boot problem,there was also a driver problem which has been fixed.Abit has a great reputation for supporting their products giving them a thumbs up vs asus.I'm not sure about diamond flower's P.support.
  5. It seems the dfi runs faster But the abit is more stable on higher fsb's (here my choise would be the abit)
    What kind of quality problems did u mean the abit has?
  6. the link showed the biggest problem,variable quality abit mobos,they appear to have used inferior mosfets which overheat and have power fluctuations and undervolting.you're also over looking the biggest problem with the abit dram 2.9 vs 3.3 on the dfi mobos...do you realy want to mod the mobo for higher vdimm on the abits?
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