Epox pc health monitor not working

two months ago, i upgraded to an epox 4pca3+ rev 2.2 mb, and it has been working fine. recently the pc health status monitor stopped working. it shows the following values at post and in the bios setup:

Vdd: 0.000v
Vcore: 0.000v
Vdimm: 0.000v
+5v: 0.000v
+12v: 0.000v
-12v: -14.914v
-5v: -7.714v
Vbat: 0.000v
5vsb: 0.000v

System: 0C/32F
CPU: 0C/32F

Chassis Fan: 0000
Power Fan: 0000
CPU Fan: ~2625

mbm5 shows similar strange readings (-16C system temp, 127C chasis temp), and sisoft sandra shows the same incorrect -12v and -5v readings.

i have tried starting the system with just a video card, processor and ram, and starting the system outside of the case, no change. i also tried clearing the cmos, and then the computer wouldnt post. was able to get the computer to post by holding down insert and pressing delete when i got the C3 post code. updated the bios to 3/19/04 bios, no help. the most recent and only change to the system was replacing the stock intel cpu cooler with a Zalman 7000A-Cu, but the computer was rebooted several times without problems after the installation.

other system components:
p4 3.4c, not overclocked
mushkin 222 pc3200 ram
radeon 9800 pro
sb audigy 2zs platinum
wd 36 gb raptor; wd 250gb sata; 2 x wd 120gb ide in raid0
myhd mdp-120
liteon cd burner
sony dvd +/- dvd burner.
antec 550w ps

system runs without any problems in windows, but would like to be able to monitor temps, or at least know if this is the beginning of bigger problems.

thanks in advance
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  1. Epox Tech? [/shameless bump]
  2. Hi

    There is something wrong with the board as it should not be displaying zeros. I would suggest contacting your local EPoX branch for assistance.

    EPoX International, Inc.
    Web: <A HREF="http://www.epox.com" target="_new">http://www.epox.com</A>
    Specifications subject to change without notice.
  3. thanks for the reply. i contacted the computer store that i purchased it from, and it looks like i need to rma the board.
  4. Yeah, do that, hehehehe

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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