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I bought the Sims 3 game when it came out and have not been able to play it since then. Anytime I play the Sims 3 it runs TO SLOW and when I click "Create A Sim", the screen turns black. I am dying to play the Sims 3 but I have to many problems with it. PLEASE HELP! I PAYED 50 DOLLARS FRO IT I WANT TO GET MY MONEYS WORTH!
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  1. you'll need to put here what your graphics card is, what your processor is, how much memory (ram) you got, what operating system you using, what your power supply is (if possible) and what your motherboard is (if possible).

    Also approximately how long you had the computer for and if any parts have been added to it in the past would be useful to know.

    That way it might be possible to identify what is causing the problem and for people here to help you.
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