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I currently have a big problem on my computer. When i first got my computer a couple weeks ago it was fine for all games and now there is offline game lag. Its too bad to play an games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 or even Fallout 3. It wasn't there for a while and then suddenly happened I really need a solution thanks.

System Specs:
Alienware m15x
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i7 CPU Q 720 1.60GHz
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  1. update drivers, scan for malware (adware, spam, virus), remove unwanted processes(taskmanager).

    is there something that you installed just before the 'lag' begun?
  2. yeah i think so... like any video converter and... i think also a Videora iPod Converter hjsplit... should i uninstall hjsplit?
  3. first make sure that it isn't running on the background (task-manager=>processes )
    and while you're at it, stop other processes that aren't needed also (like itunes when you dont use it, quicktime,...) a few of those isnt a problem, but a bunch of them might...

    oh, since its a laptop: did you played those games when it was plugged in? since the laptop will underclock everything when its on the battery.
  4. yeah i play when its in charge i made a backup so i might just restore and use a system image but thanks ill try what you said before
  5. Is there any other way to fix this its really annyoing and if i dont find something soon I think ill have to use recovery :( can someone please help me... I searched through google but nothing yet im still looking thanks...
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