Constant Reboot

When booting it tries to start WinXP and then reboots constantly. Tried new RAM, different HD, new PSU, new cables and same thing.

Asus A7V8X-X - Bios 1009
AMD 2500 Athlon XP
Samsung PC3200 512 MB
ATI Radeon 7500 64 MB Video Card
Enermax 350w PSU
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  1. You tried a different hard drive? Did you load Windows XP onto the new hard drive from that machine?

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  2. I tried and it goes through the usual routine and then when it reboots and tries to access the hard drive it just reboots over and over. Tried new cables as well. Tried two new installs on different hard drives and an existing Windows Setup.
  3. can you be more specific? could you explain from the begining what started and when?

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  4. Asus board..oh..well, I see!

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  5. I booted my computer one day and it just kept rebooting as soon as it accessed the hard drive. I can boot from the CD-Rom and load WinXP from the CD, but when it tries to finish the install on the hard drive it never gets there. Just constant rebooting. I replaced the PSU, Ram, used different hard drives, Cables, removed from case (thought it was a bad ground or something like that), removed all PCI cards, unplugged any unimportant devices (2nd CD-Rom, Floppy, various case fans) I don't remember installing any new software, didn't do a Windows Update.
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