Just Cause 2 bad performance with GTX 295

Can anyone help me achieve acceptable framerates at the highest settings in this game with my GTX 295? I have an i7 920@3.6ghz also....I expect to be able to run this game maxed out without much of a problem considering I've seen people with lesser cards do better than mine. I use the 197.13 drivers. HELP!

P.S. I also get piss poor framerates in Bad Company 2...If anyone can help me with that, that would be awesome too!
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  1. your resoultion
  2. could be another process/program running in the background that could be hampering your gaming performance.

    Try disabling your Anti-virus and/or any other performance running in the background before you run the game.
  3. I finally figured out the problem! By enabling gpgpu water simulation in the settings, it enables the use of CUDA. CUDA doesn't support SLI so this effectively halves my performance. Instead of getting 20fps average I am now in the 50 fps range. Amazingly stupid....
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