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I am having trouble with my computer, Internet connections works when it wants to and sometimes it just freeezes and I have to retart and it is running alot slower than usual. I have virus checked it and also run spybot to no avail and have heard that XP has a system restore and was wondering where it could be found as I would like to restore it to a point where my computer was running fine. If this doesn't work does anyone have any suggestions on what else I could do apart from a full install to fix my problem.

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  1. If you want to use system restore you go to start-programs-accessories-system tools and system restore. Choose a date when the computer worked good and restore it to that date.
  2. Thanx it seems to have fixed the problem so far.

    My Mum always said God has a plan, guess I was Plan B
  3. You could have trojans that bog down a system while they are "phoning home" - there are a lot of free trojan scanners out there - google it and run a few.

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