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Hi my main gaming pc is in for upgardes now i also want to play my games while i am waiting so i using my office pc with a Core 2 duo e4300 2.4ghz,geforce 8400gs 512mb,2gigram and windows 7home basic.I want to play far cry 2 and fallout 3and race driver grid but i do not want to install the games and they do not run how will these games run and the resolution is 1280x720 i do not want the games to run maxed out just smooth and if laggs must i switch to direct9 or 10.
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  1. The 8400 is pretty slow, so you would have to run at lower detail and in DX9 mode since it will give you higher frame rates.
  2. Hi how do switch to DX9 and i run brothers in ars hells highway and assasins creedin high settings.
  3. Change the settings from the menu. 8400 is pretty darn slow. Dont kid yourself.
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