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Last night my computer didn't shut down properly, I had to turn it off by hitting the switch to kill the power. This morning I started it up but it would show my first screen then freeze. Just showed "ASUS". Nothing happened, my keyboard's lights didn't glow, nor did the laser on my optical mouse. After about 12 or so restarts I was finally able to start properly. This little incident gave me a scare. But to address the problem does anyone have any idea what happened? I'm thinking my motherboard is dying on me or perhaps i just need to update BIOS? I have an Asus P4SDX motherboard and never have updated the bios.
Thanks for any replies
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  1. If your motherboard is acting a little flacky, I wouldn't update the bios. You could end up with a dead board. If you do update the bios, be sure to load the "fail safe defaults" and reboot your system a few times to be sure it's solid before flashing the bios.
  2. Most likely problems are:
    1 bad power supply
    2 card or ram not fully installed
    3 multipin power to mobo not fully inserted (esp enermax psu)
    4 stand-off in wrong spot.
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