I get better fps on 32bit crysis than on 64bit why????

Hi every1 just wanted your opinion on this, i literally get like 5fps more running 32bit crysis than on 64bit, but on 64bit i notice graphics looking a little bit better is this normal. i can upload pics if you want aswel thks :bounce:
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  1. There's probably some settings that you need to adjust, there's alot of variables that can come to play, from the way you described it. It can be CPU usage, where you are in-game when it happens, current graphic settings, on-going processes while your playing, drivers, ingame resolution, graphical settings/current released drivers...a 5 FPS difference is normal to me, I get FPS fluctuations depending on which direction I'm looking in on the Crysis engine.
  2. And my setup and settings:

    PC SPEC =
    .Asus p5n-d mobo
    .intel quad Q9400 @ 2.8
    .Xigmatek red scorpion cpu cooler
    .4GB DDR2 800Mhz
    .Asus EAH5850 (10.2 drivers)
    .XFX 750W power supply
    .1tb hard drive

    Crysis settings:
    All on very high
    8x AA
    Resolution 1440 x 900 (max my monitor goes)

    Fraps and avg in the background, cant turn avg off anymore
  3. Drivers for x86 are normally a little more refined and give better performance, also under x64 you have a x86 translation layer that gives a small performance hit.

    also under x64, you may have a few more services running, checkout www.blackviper.com for optimizing these.

    Too be honest though, it shouldn't be noticeable if game configured correctly and I for one wouldn't go back to x86.

    Your AVG not got the gaming mode, I use AVG internet Security and I have it?

    Also, ATI drivers now at v10.3, which will give your card up to 6% boost under Crysis.
  4. thanks yh i've got the 10.3 drivers now and my avg has got gaming mode enabled but do you reccomend getting the whole ati catalyst package with catalyst control mangaer or just the display drivers because thats what i've got always :??:
  5. i dont think u neet catalyst control center...its just a waste of space....what matters is the driver only
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