Assassins Creed 2 - Throwing money instead of punching..??

Hmmm..... yes, exactly as the title states. I'll get in a fight, and press x (using the xbox 360 controller,) which correlates to punch/throw money. Even when locked on to a target, holding down lock target etc. all I can get the man to do is throw money!

In the middle of a fight instead of beating the crap out of the fool attacking me, he throws money at him. Getting a little :heink: about this. What the heck? Bug?

What am I doing wrong, lol? I am not retarded, it just makes no sense! The context menu clearly says punch, and he throws money instead!
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  1. Are you using a dodgy Warez copy? That might explain it! Also you might not be doing it right - I remember AC1 being a bit tricky to control - play the tutorial missions again so figure out if you are really doing it right
  2. Nope, using a copy bought on eBay. There wasn't much tutorial on this, as the money throwing feature wasn't available in the tutorial.

    What is the correct way to do it? I mean the context menu says punch and it throws money. In your game, does it always punch while in combat/locked on to an enemy?

    Don't believe it was an official U.S. Retail copy but a legitimate copy non the less.
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