Counter-Strike Problem!

Hey everyone,

I'm using an Acer Travelmate 4070 laptop. Every other game I've tried to play on it has worked fine. For some reason however, I always get 9fps when trying to play Counter Strike: Source online. The Stress Video Test says that my FPS is 67, however as soon as I jump into a game it routinely goes straight to 9. I have no idea why this is. Why would the stress test give me false info?

Can anyone help me out? I've just bought the game and I really want to play it, and a laptop is all I have. I was under the impression it wasn't graphic heavy and it would run on a relatively old system without any troubles, given how old the game is.

Thanks to anyone who can help! And let me know if you need any more info! This is killing me :(

- Madfragga
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  1. Do you have the standard 4070 or did you do any upgrades? I see it has 512 MB RAM standard. This is not enough... You need more.

    Next to that, be sure your on netpower and not the battery.
  2. Prompt an empty server

  3. Thanks for your reply Nemi87. I have not done any upgrades, however I ran DXDIAG and it said that my laptop has 1024MB RAM. Is this right? I heard somewhere that the real RAM is half of what is suggested.

    If not, is adding RAM to my laptop easy and inexpensive?

    Thanks again for your reply.

  4. hello,

    Its not hard at all, but lets be sure this is the problem. Can you check which graphics card you have?
  5. Hoping I'm right here, but I think it is: mobile intel 915gm/gms 910gml express chipset family.

    Thanks again!
  6. Enter an empty server. Could be low RAM not being enough to handle multiple people, to a crappy internet connection.
  7. gamerk316: I entered an empty server and I got the same problem. However, when moving in indoor environments my fps went to an acceptable level; although when moving outdoors in open spaces it went back to 9.

    Also, I entered a server with about 10 other players in a tiny arena and it was smooth as hell. Must be something to do with my PC not being able to handle the larger maps?
  8. I think its your graphics card. If i google it i come out here:

    Which says:

    supports up to 128MB of video memory; system memory is allocated where it is needed dynamically.

    128 isnt enough im afraid :(.
  9. Guys, its CS:S. You don't need more then 256MB of VRAM to run it well...

    Try using the old OpenGL mode; other then that, I'm more or less stumped.
  10. OpenGL mode? What is that? I've run a google search but can't find anything related to CSS :s
  11. OpenGL (as of the last time I checked) still has the option to run using an OpenGL renderer (which I THINK was the default prior to the later updates that added new DX functionallity). Should be stuffed somewhere in the options...

    I'm stumped; its CS:S and doesn't exactly need a modern PC to run well...
  12. I've had a look and can't find it. Is there anyway you can instruct me how to do it? Sorry I'm a little illiterated with this kind of thing.

    Thanks for your posts so far also!
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