WTS Sager np9150 with 7970m - $1450+

Very lightly used - bought around august for intended desktop replacement. saw very little use.

Complete system specs

i7 3610qm

amd 7970m

16gb ddr3 1600

750GB hdd (security screws over the slot have been removed for easy hdd swapping. if you want them make sure to specify)

normal dvd drive

1920 x 1080

No wear on the unit from what I have found. I will be wiping it down and cleaning the screen before I ship as well.

Very little to no wear. Dust has collected in the top portion however. Can not get it out unless I want to remove the plating.

Here are some items im looking for which I can lower the price for

C2Q / C2D(no revision preference)
DDR3 1066+
DDR2 any
any LGA775 motherboard
GTX 670
120HZ PCB for LG 1440p panels

If you want to contact us by email, is it.
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  1. pm sent
  2. bump
  3. Hey bob, sent you an email in regards to this laptop.

  4. bump - was unable to check emails today as my bird has passed. sad day.
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