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WTT/WTB NEED SOON for 450w+ Good brand PSU

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January 29, 2013 9:12:39 PM

I have a Dell Socket 478B motherboard with 512 mb of ram and a Pentium 4 2.66 GhZ, 2 more 256 MB samsung sticks of ram, and 512mb of Infenion RAM, a Cooler Master heatsink, fan and brackets, an unknown functionality ATI RAGE 64MB Graphics card and possibly the Logisys power supply, which is rated for 480 watts. I need a PSU, i cant trust my Logysis with a such pricey card I just ordered. Tell me your power supply, and I will decide if I would like to trade or not. Thanks!
January 30, 2013 8:37:55 PM

What graphics cards did you order?

Also, side note, I don't think you can trade these parts...I'm not trying to detract buyers in any way, but with these parts, a trade will be hard.

Maybe there's someone out there who needs these parts.

Good luck finding a trader.

If you said "Want to buy", I'm pretty sure some people would offer.
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a b ) Power supply
January 30, 2013 10:43:53 PM

I ordered an ATI Radeon 4770 512 MB GDDR5 RAM.
a b ) Power supply
January 31, 2013 10:56:28 AM

BUMP! Come on, is there anyone with a PSU laying around on here?
January 31, 2013 12:31:04 PM

A 4770? Why such an old weak card? I would have saved up some cash for at least a 7750, then you probably wouldn't have had to worry about a psu upgrade, hell even a 6670 would be better and would also most likely not require a new psu as well.
a b ) Power supply
January 31, 2013 1:19:20 PM

TheN00bBuilder said:
BUMP! Come on, is there anyone with a PSU laying around on here?

I'm sure there are plenty sitting around - Problem is shipping them is more costly than they are worth and PSUs deteriorate over time used so getting a used older model PSU is not worth it -- Save up and buy a new one for around $50 - that way you know what you are getting instead of taking a chance that you are getting something that is close to giving out. A PSU is something I would never buy used since it is responsible for providing the power to every other part in your system and taking a chance on a part that may have been abused by someone else is too risky !

For example If you order before the 48 hour sale ends 02\01 -Here's a Corsair Builders series 600W unit for $40 after MIR and if you are a new customer Newegg offers a $10 discount with the checkout code "NEWCUSTOMER" making the final cost $30 ($50 upfront but you get $20 back in about 8 weeks) and that includes the shipping. And if you miss that sale there are always sales for similar deals if you look around when ready to order and getting a used one shipped to you is going to make it hard to find something like you are wanting for any less of an investment and then your taking a bigger risk that it will not last or work properly !
a b ) Power supply
January 31, 2013 11:47:00 PM

Ok, thanks!