Low FPS in Team Fortress 2

Long story short, bought my friend's old rig because its better then the one i've been using, and he gets massive FPS on Counterstrike Source.

When I run Tf2 on default settings (using autoconfig) and 1280x720
it stays around 20FPS in 16+ players and goes to 15FPS in anything above 24 players

Pretty okay set up getting low FPS.

2.8GHZ E7400 Dual-core
Biostar G31 Mobo
XFX 9500GT
3GB Ram
32bit Vista
450w PSU

I updated all the drivers and even the chipset drivers as well.
And it still hovers a constant 20FPS.
I know theses parts aren't high end, but it should atleast give more than this.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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  1. All things being equal....... unless your "friend" swapped hardware before the sale......... you have a crappy connection.
  2. 1. do a clear out and make sure you've got at least 10gb free space
    2. defrag
    3. turn off background progs like msn messenger or norton

    if it's still bad, you could have malware - check task manager for any suspicious programs with large cpu usage (google search them to see if they're system process)

    what fps are you getting in other games?
  3. note that TF2 is heavier than CS on graphics and likes as much as possible GHz...
  4. I've run TF2 on an old E6300 and a HD 4830 just fine it sounds like your connection try a different server with lower ping
  5. have you checked your CPU multiplier?

    Sometimes for unknown reasons my multiplyer will change from 9x to 6x, destroying my fps in all my games.

    download cpu-z and check if your Ghz matches the factory rating.
  6. @swifty_morgan
    I verified myself that all the parts were there myself. Down 10.4Mb/s Up 2.3Mb/s

    I defragged, and It shows only 2% total disk fragmentation (all system files.)
    And no background programs (clean boot.)

    Yeah, I thought that the servers could be a problem, so I played on <20 ping servers, still same results.

    Yeah, it matches factory multipliers. Although, I could try OC'ing but I dont wanna risk it.

    Thanks for all the replies.
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