MSI GeForce GTX 470 for sale.

Hello everyone. I am selling my Msi GeForce GTX 470 for $90. I am in new jersey. Thanks

Plays Pretty much everything on High-Ultra. I've played far cry 3, bf3, diablo3, GW2, and others with it. Not looking for much.

There is no marks or dust. I do not have the original box though. Anyway. Take care and let me know if you are interested.

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  1. 2 GB or 1GB? Most 1GB 470s go for around $100-$120.. at least on eBay and locally.
  2. oh really? when I did a search I did not find one under 160 used. Yes it is 1gb. I am willing to work with the price. Thanks for pointing that out for me though.
  3. Bumped
  4. would take at asking if you can to UK? Thanks
  5. are you still selling the card?
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