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incompatible ati9600pro with Albatron K8X800PRO !!

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April 21, 2004 1:36:09 PM

I have bought an ATI 9600PRO for 2 months and have been satisfied. I bought this week a new computer with a k8x800pro motherboard and a athlon 64 3200 ,1 gb ram 400, 1 audigy2. I ordered without a graphics card because i would install the 9600pro. I got the pc tried to install the ati 9600pro and the monitor did not open(did not even show the standard procedure when it says first the graphics card, then the board with the cpu mhz and memory and it searched where to boot)but simply showed OUT OF FREQUENCY. IS THIS THE CORRECT FREQUENCY?VERTICAL ... HORIZONTAL ... and showed the refresh rates of my monitor. My monitor hitachi cm621 and i havent had a problem ever. I took the ati card back into the old computer and it worked. I put an old nvidia card on the new computer with the k8x800pro and it worked as an old pci s3 card. Is k8x800pro incompatible with amd graphic cards or just this one 9600pro?Please help!!!Thanks in advance

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April 21, 2004 1:49:02 PM

it should work fine.

Are you sure the card is installed correctly?

Did you put the whole computer together yourself, or did it come ready-built? Just wondering if maybe the motherboard is intermittently shorting out against the case, or a rogue little mounting post.

Do you get any beeps at all? do all the fans spin?

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April 21, 2004 2:13:02 PM

Really thanks for your reply. The computer came ready built. I have 2 zalman fans and they work great. The fan of the 9600pro even works when i install it but the problem persists.I really dont know what is going on. But why the other graphic cards work on the new motherboard and why the 9600pro works fine on the old motherboard?i am CURSED!!!!
April 21, 2004 2:33:37 PM

Hmmm... What power supply is it using (the new rig) - the Wattage (e.g. 350W) AND the make if you can see it - it's usually written on a sticker on the side. Could be it's simply not delivering enough power for the card..

have you tried unplugging everything except 1 stick of RAM, the CPU (and it's heatsink/fan), and the graphics card? If nothing else is drawing power then it might work (if that's the problem).

Failing that, you could try removing the motherboard from the case, and placing it on a non-conductive surface (some cardboard?) and again trying it with just the CPU, RAM, and video card connected. this would help to rule out any shorts between the motherboard and the case.

Epox 8RDA+ rev1.1 w/ Custom NB HS
XP1700+ @205x11 (~2.26Ghz), 1.575Vcore
2x256Mb Corsair PC3200LL 2-2-2-4
Sapphire 9800Pro 420/744
April 22, 2004 10:51:05 AM

thanks for your interest in my case. The power supply is quite big 420w so it cannot be the problem. Anyway when i connect the 9600pro with the computer, the fan of the gr.card works good but the screen stays blank!!! I posted the same problem in the albatron amd-based motherboard forum and i had a reply from someone that had the same problem with the same albatron motherboard but with a 9600xt powercolor. Guys this must be a huge incompatibility!!!!Does anyone have the motherboard with an ati card?Does this happen only for the 9600 series??Or all new ati have given the pc to the technicians of the store i purchased it and i will have a reply probably in the afternoon. I will post it then. The point is that if it is incompatibility i cannot even change the motherboard because i had bought the graph.card before and is not covered in the sale document. That is stupid. It is the year 2004 and we are troubled by problems that happened 20 years ago. And the juicy part is that i havent had a response -any response- from albatron for the problem(even though i had posted it in their technical forums for at least 2 days). I am not going to start begging albatron but i will keep my ati card and give an extra 150 euros to buy a new motherboard. I will never speak the name albatron - not even in the TOILET!!!!thanks for your response anyway guys
April 22, 2004 12:45:10 PM

Try clearing the cmos, that sometimes do the trick.

Just another poster..
April 22, 2004 3:26:05 PM

I had a look around, and unfortunately I couldn't find any reviews or mentions of people running this board with a 9600, so I can't say that others have managed it.

I did, however, find loads of reviews and Overclocking articles with this board and a 9800Pro or 9800XT (and one with a 9700Pro), so if there is a problem, then it's not a blanket problem for all Ati cards.

I also saw a few references to this board being basically a clone of the Asus K8V Deluxe motherboard, and I did find a review of <i>that</i> board where they used a AIW 9600Pro card (<A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>), and didn't report a problem - so its not a problem shared by the board from which this is supposedly 'cloned'..

Have you tried a more recent BIOS for your board? I noticed they had released one, although it didn't mention anything about Graphics card compatibilty.

Failing that, the best I can suggest is to try another 9600Pro if you can get hold of one (just to rule out your particular card once and for all), and if that doesn't work it must be your board, and they should replace it as it must be defective.

And yeah, it might be worth trying clearing the CMOS as suggested above - try to force the BIOS to re-detect everything... (make sure you do it with the new card in )

Epox 8RDA+ rev1.1 w/ Custom NB HS
XP1700+ @205x11 (~2.26Ghz), 1.575Vcore
2x256Mb Corsair PC3200LL 2-2-2-4
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April 23, 2004 2:22:20 PM

Make sure you have the latest BIOS revision for your board, this could help!

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April 23, 2004 3:10:07 PM

I checked the Albatron site, and they only listed 3 BIOSes for his board, as it's so new.
1 was the release BIOS, 1 was a BETA version with support for some new CPU stepping, and 1 was an official version of the beta.

Of course, who knows what else they've changed which they haven't bothered listing... It is worth a go, definitely - at least he can't spend too long trying different BIOS revisions :lol: 

Epox 8RDA+ rev1.1 w/ Custom NB HS
XP1700+ @205x11 (~2.26Ghz), 1.575Vcore
2x256Mb Corsair PC3200LL 2-2-2-4
Sapphire 9800Pro 420/744