64 bit PCI and single processor anyone?

I am looking for motherboards that has 64 bit PCI slots, but only one processor. A gigabit ethernet port would also bee good.

I am building a 1 unit server and will use a 64 bit PCI raidcontroller from 3ware.
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  1. Why not get a duallie board, but only use one socket? I'm fairly sure you can do this - although server stuff isn't really my thing, so I could be wrong.

    I doubt a single socket board will be substantially cheaper (if one exists).

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  2. From Supermicro:

    There are others.

    Personally though, I'd just get an SMP capable board and only use one processor for now. Gives you a lot more options in way of boards to choose from, and gives you that option to expand in future(just a general statement, don't know your particular situation here)
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