Choice between 3 headsets (sry, another thread)

Thanks for the input on the previous thread, but where I live (china) the people here put the surround sound headsets on an enormous pedestal because your not aloud to try them out and the look fancy so you can charge whatever you want.

I am at an impass between these 3 sets

the Razer Carcharias ($70), the Plantronics 377 ($50) and Audio technica t500 ($70)

I know that last one isn't really a headset but they are audio technica and obviously pretty decent.

would anyone recommend one over the other?
The thing I find appealing about the audio technicas is that they are dedicated music headphones and therefore must have a decent sound, also they are closed ear so I can use them in airplanes, which I am in a lot, but they don't have a built in mic, so I'd have to find one that is loud enough and attaches I can attach to my headphones or shirt cause I literally have no room on my desk (monitor, keyboard, mouse, woofer, and speakers all in an area of about 3x3ft.

The thing I like about the Razer is that it comes with a built in mic and I've heard good things about the audio quality, but they are open ear so they just ooze noise so not only will it be loud when I'm using them in my house but it makes it impossible to use them on a plane

and o fcourse the plantronics is appealing because they're cheaper.

I am honestly torn equally between the 3.

or would anyone strongly recommend dropping the cash and getting as headset like the Creative Sound Blaster Arena or Logitech g35?

Thanks for all the help guys/girls
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  1. I have a set of Carcharias that I am enjoying quite a bit. You are correct about them can hear the audio on the outside of the headphones. It isn't very loud but it is there. I guess the flip side of this is that you won't filter out any airplane noise as well. I actually wouldn't take them on a plane because of how big they are. They are pretty light but I don't think they would pack up well for travel. Then again...I don't see any gaming headset that I would like to travel with.
  2. For $55 or so, Amazon had a Plantronics 777 for sale; for the price, I'd go for those over anything else...

    I wouldn't bother with the Creative headset. As for the G35, unless you NEED 7.1 for gaming, I wouldn't bother.
  3. I bought a set of Creative Fatality HS 1000 off ebay for $15. Didnt come with the mic, but sound great and very comfortable
  4. i have the G35 and i love them, best headset i have used so far. i have used the plantronics as well and i would say those are the 2nd best i have used, the razer one i had sucked
  5. one more thing,

    Atm I have the stocker SupremeFXII sound card. Would you guys recommend me getting a headset or getting a ASUS Xonar D1 sound card?

    only reason I ask this is because it seems to me that a nice headset would be redundant if my sound card is junk
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