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Can i play crysis with this rig?
Intel core i5-650 processor (3.20Ghz, 4mb cache) Genuine Windows premium 7 Home premium 64-bit -NVIDIA Geforce GT320 graphics card (1GB dedicated RAM) -4Gb RAM,1TB HDD
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  1. Should run, but I think it may struggle with some of the more complex scenes i that game. Although some may disagree with me.

    Should run smoth enough (above 30FPS) in general on lower settings / lower resolutions :-)
  2. ur rig will run Crysis and Crysis Warhead at high resolution with great fps.. don't worry... bit ur processor and ur gfx are high end
  3. The Nvidia GTX 320 definitely ISN'T high-end, but it should run acceptably at low settings/resolution.
  5. yes is could run crysis just barely but that pc is a poor investment for a new build
  6. obviously you should not go for the i5 and get only a gtx 320.... a better choice would have been in the same money a core2duo with a 280 series

    CPU power does not influence fps in the same way that a high powered graphics card does. Always but always put more money on video instead of CPU
  7. u need to lower graphics settings like shadows, reflections...
    n for sure u will still have slow down problems on complex scenes n on the final scene
  8. it will b hard to control ur moves, cause game will respond slower to ur selections,
    at this pnt u can try not to move so fast, think wisely n WIN!!!

    Damn!! i wanted 2 play Crysis again :)))
  9. n of course u can play on medium settings not all low, just lower a few like i said above,
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