EK supreme HF, ddr3, ram 775 cpu and mobo+ram, asus Xonar, XP90

30$ shipped like new with the box
EK universal supreme HF cpu WB with 1/2" fittings and mounting hardware + the box.
this block will work with just about any cpu socket . form 478 to 1366, am2/3/+ and other amd sockets

15$ shipped
asus Xonar DG
Best sound card in it's price range, works fine.
Comes with driver cd and box.

I only ship to the lower US48 states. paypal only.

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  1. More stuff added and prices cut.
    I need to sell this stuff ASAP low balls welcomed.
  2. TheN00bBuilder said:
    How about 8 dollars for the RAM? I'm getting an AMD Phenom X4 soon and my 1GB DDR2 isn't good enough. I will have the money and final ok tomorrow.

  3. ram is still available
  4. price cuts
  5. TheN00bBuilder said:
    I'll want the RAM later, when he is done with the other Phenom.

    ok, I can't hold it for you tho.
    if some one else want's it and can pay, I'm going to sell it to them.
  6. blu ray drive sold.
  7. bump
  8. bump
  9. price cuts
  10. HT omega claro plus+ added
  11. 2 x58 mobos added
  12. x58 mobos pending
  13. price cuts
  14. bump
  15. removed
  16. HT omega claro plus+ pending but not sold
  17. This topic has been reopen by Aford10
  18. Thank you.

    x58 mobos sold
    HTomega claro+ sold
    ausu sound card pending
  19. I've moved it to the classifieds section.
  20. ^thanks^
  21. Would you take $12 for the xonar dg?
  22. bump
  23. pm sent about ram
  24. ram and ausu sound card still up for grabs
  25. I'm calling dibbs on the motherboard, ALL of the RAM (both that with the mobo and the DDR3, and the XP90 heatsink with CPU. PM'd!
  26. As good as sold. Waiting on response.
  27. not much left
    sold the ram, mobo and xp90
  28. PM sent about the Xonar
  29. cpu block pennding
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