Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - CD Audio prob

When I play this game on my WinXP machine, it won't let me play the audio off the cd. Instead it plays a midi version of the music. When I change the options to the CD audio I get an error:

Description 'MMSYSTEM282 The parameter is out of range for the specified command'
Command 'play CD from 18 to 19 notify'
Because of this problem running with CD stereo Music, Heroes II has been configured to run with MIDI music in the future. You can always manually change this setting in the control panel within the game.

I found a russian website that when translated suggested using Virtual PC 2007 with Win98 installed. I am getting the same result as above. Is there something I am missing in the settings or config that would help this cooperate and get the audio to play as it should?
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