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Lately, my computer suddenly restarts while I am using it.This problem is new, it had not happened before.I tried scan with avast antivirus with up to date database.Found a few viruses and trojan horses and i deleted them all.Then I scan for spyware with Spybot S&D and found a few spywares.But the problem is, while Spybot was scanning, the computer restart, so i can't fix the the spywares.Long time ago, my power supply and processor got burned.I did not overclock or anything.After changing it with AMD Athhlon 2500+ processor and 400watt icute power supply, my computer was ok again.That was about 4 month ago, and now i have this problem.I do use power regulator for my computer.
My computer spesification is:

AMD Athlon 2500+
526M SDRAM memory
GeForce Ti 4200 128MB
40GB Hard Disk
400 Watt icute Power supply

Hope someone can help me.Thx.
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  1. Seriously, your best bet is to format your hard drive and do a clean install of Windows XP.

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  2. try and disable the auto restart on error to see whats giving you issues.

    im having the same problems and it has to do with the dead fan on my Ti4200 128mb
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">Disable auto-reboot</A>

    At least if it does restart, and it's a Windows-related crash, it'll display a blue screen in which you can further attempt to diagnose the situation.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">How to: Spyware, Trojan And Virus Removal</A>

    This is one of the most comprehensive guides I've seen to helping you rid your system of spyware and other bad bad stuff.

    Please post your progress...

    Bryan Villarin
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  4. Thx for the information..
    I have disabled the autoreboot and it works.I don't get blue screen though.It just suddenly doesn't restart without any error message at all.Though it sometimes restarts when i am shutting down windows.I also had scan my pc with avast! antivirus and found trojan horses.(I've clean it all) I also install Spybot S&D and clean all spywares.So far so good, it just happens sometimes when i am shutting down windows.Thx again guys
  5. Ahha! I haven't used this resource in awhile:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Windows XP Shutdown Troubleshooter</A>

    Hat-tip goes to Toey. :smile:

    Bryan Villarin
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  6. Bad news, my computer suddenly restarts again.I've uncheck the automatic restart already.I have deleted my nero burning rom and clean my registry.But, the problem still persist.Deleted trojan horses and spywares.What else to do?I don't have logitech mouse and disconnected usb hardwares.It restarts when playing game, even when scanning for spyware.I hope there's a way to solve this problem.Thx in advance.
  7. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what else to suggest. :frown: Repair <A HREF="" target="_new">Windows</A>?

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  8. What is in your event logs say? Under system you should see some kind of error message at the time of restart. paste the log file here or research the error code.

    Test your ram - had same problem and one stick of ram went bad.

    Look up stop errors at this site.
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  9. I have made some progress.I have deleted my norton antivirus 2003 which was problematic.(I use avast antivirus).I also deleted my nvidia control panel and other nvidia stuff that loads during the startup.Now it does not restart anymore.Its wierd since my nvidia driver is the latest one which is detonator 60.i got the idea to delete those nvidia startups from the website that u gave me.thx again.
  10. To be thorough, check out <A HREF="" target="_new">Driver Cleaner</A> to remove the leftover unwanted Nvidia drivers. I hope the restarts don't come back. :smile:

    Bryan Villarin
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