What should I try to sell my pc for?

What price should I ask for this pc for an add on a website similar to ebay?

Case: Coolermaster can't remember the model. Its a good large and stylish case with two or three fans.
PSU: 620 watt m620
graphics card: GTX 580 Gygabyte SOC
Motherboard: Asus P8z68-v LX
CPU - i5 2500k? or whatever was the best selling i5 i'm not sure.
Hard drive - 7200RPM Sata, server hard drive! Has a bit of a hand made solution keeping it in place.
Ram - DDR3 8gb

So a very solid system. What should I ask for and what should I aim for?
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  1. Maybe find out what you exactly have, and then ask the people on the website you plan to post it on how much it is worth.
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