SCII Beta Key sell or play?

I just got the invite! I'm stoked! I just built a new comp too. i7930 p6x58d premium mb ATI5850. I know it sells for a good amount cause my brother sold his. Anyone got any ideas? PM or post here.
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  1. How much does it sell for?
  2. Just play it. I haven't got a beta key yet. your lucky. It's supposed to be a fantastic game.
  3. My brother sold his for 350
  4. I would sell.
  5. Sell. There are tons of Blizzard fanboys that would give up all of their allowance to play the stupid game. SCII RTS engine is horrible. I'm not talking about the graphics, which are sub-par at best, I'm talking about gameplay mechanics. Same old build, upgrade, attack non-sense. If you want a real RTS, go for Company of heroes, where the soldier units duck behind cover, take more damage when attack from multiple angles, and vehicle units take more damage from "weak spot hits".

    Sorry but just seems like SCII is about 10 years behind the power curve, it still uses the same basic concepts that C&C used 15 years ago. I dunno, maybe people just like games to be basic. I like my games to have more stratigy to win outside of memorizing hotkey commands and knowing how much of which type of unit to build to win.

    I like how Company of Heroes added stratigy to combat. Knowing not only when and what to build, but knowing how to position your troops and move your vehicles in combat could make or break the game for you. The way a RTS should be imo. Then add in effective use of indirect fire, knowing when and where to dig in and use defense and when and where to go on the offensive. CoH is the signature RTS game out, and imo is far superior to anything blizzard is putting out.

    What blizzard should have done was take their own spin on CoH type RTS, and ADD TO IT! Why is it when every time Blizzard makes a game, they go backwards 10 steps behind what is already out?

    Blizzard needs to learn to innovate, instead of dumbing things down so people can play their junk on Emachines.
  6. 350!!!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!???
    Why are you even pondering the thought of playing!?
    NO GAME- wait, NO BETA is worth giving up the chance to get 350 bux for.
    I really hope you can use your common sense to realize that this is just a beta. That is alot of money.
  7. I would sell it. Hey on a side note some groups on the internet have gotten starcraft II to work for people without beta keys. It only allows you to play on the maps vs the AI though, but still good for regular folks who don't have beta keys to check out the game.
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