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well iv been a pc gamer for most of my life, i got a 360 like a year ago, and recently i just got a ps3, and im wondering if i should stick with pc gaming or console as i dont know why but it just i stopped playing pc games for a while now, few things i dont like is that sometimes you get that game on pc that does not work, whether its a firewall thats blocking or other software, another thing is after a while alot of ppl tend to cheat, then u gotta turn up the fans on the pc for good cooling which makes noise, even tho i have really quiet fans, thats about it and u gotta upgrade ur graphic card as new things come out, where a console i believe stays good for quiet some time. i still love pc gaming but. i think its easier to just start a console and play which is why im thinking bout gaming on consoles and using my pc for other things.

ahh wat do u guys think? maybe someone that has been gaming on consoles for most of ther time could tell me if its worth going from a pc to a console?
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  1. For offline games that are for multiple platforms, I usually pick the PC version. My pc has the latest hardware, so I crank the graphics up to a point that isn't possible on consoles.

    For online games, I like the 360 because the live service is definitely worth what you pay, imo. However, my 360 makes a ton of noise compared to my pc, so I don't know what you mean by the consoles being quieter...

    Currently, I only own a 360 and a pc, but I am looking into either getting a wii or a ps3. I'm leaning towards a ps3 for games like Demon Souls and MGS4. The wii games don't impress me much. From what I've seen, they seem to just promote the wiimote but fall flat on delivering any real depth to the game.

    I also think that MMOs (if you're into that sort of thing) are going to stay on the pc. The storage space is much more restrictive on consoles than pcs, so expansion is more welcomed. Also, graphics tweaks can be made on pc's more readily than on consoles. I know the devs for ffxi were concerned about ps2 limitations and used that as a cop out to not add in some things. Granted, current consoles perform very well and the graphics aren't that bad. However, I don't see any new consoles coming out soon, and games still have room to grow.

    I guess the only real advice I can give is read reviews on games. They usually tend to offer perspectives of different platforms. I know when I looked at game reviews for Dragon Age, ratings seemed to favor the PC for the more intuitive UI, and that really worked well for me.

    Almost forgot about services for downloadable games (steam). I think game developing companies may turn to these places to distribute pc games more because it cuts cost on packaging a game and shipping. I've only purchased a couple games on steam, but my experiences so far have been favorable. This may provide an increase in quality of pc games if more revenue can be had.
  2. wel the 360 is louder then my pc also but the ps3 is pretty silent
  3. The only console I own is a Genesis. PC all the way.

    Been starting to get into the games on Linux. There is one that has my interest and I do plan on giving it a try one of these days. It is an MMO called Vendetta Online and it can go as low as $6.67 a month. Not the best graphics but it works on Windows, OSX, and Linux. You also don't have to buy the software and it has a lower then average subscription fee.

    About the only negative things about PC games as of late has been major companies putting out some very bad/nasty DRM. Case in point EA's use of SecuROM rootkit's and Ubisoft's "calling home" DRM.

    If you really want to take a fresh look at PC gaming I would suggest looking at Steam's list of games from independent game developers.
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