[SOLD] ASUS P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard

Just got this back from RMA. The sound chip stopped working, it has been replaced and is fully functional. Don't feel like taking my PC apart because I have a different Z77 motherboard that is working fine. Comes with 3 SATAIII cables, wifi + antenna, and all original accessories + original box but the UPC label was cut off for a rebate. Asking $145 shipped to USA only.

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  1. does it come with the sunglasses in the first pic?
  2. For you looniam? Maybe, but I'll have to ask my 5 year old for sure. He might put up a fight.

    But hey if you want the motherboard then PM me, I can work you out a better deal that what's posted.
  3. done! :)
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