I have a chance to bulk purchase of 400 PARTS Laptops

I am told they have NO HD, and none are functional, but with that said, I have a repair shop, and this guy is going under and is taking bids on what is left.

If you had to just bid, what would you think 300-400 laptops for parts is worth?

this is kind of a classified mentality so I am asking people that browse this forum... not other topics.
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  1. well it depends.
    1: How much will is cost ? both th buy and to fix them
    2: Is it worth the shipping ?
    3: Do you have the time to fix them ?
    4: Can the laptops sell after they're fixed ?
    5: Will you make money after they're fixed and sold ?
  2. 700 as is for everything in this guys repair shop... Although I had him talked down to 600 at one point, but realized I would be getting over my head. Im solo. This would have been MASSIVE.

    Free shipping (Its local and he WILL NOT ship. It is a YOU HAUL ONLY DEAL)

    No (I decided last night I cant manage what I have now, and invest in this, no matter how much I can make long term)

    60% I would say yes, Some are pre-2006, but there were probably enough parts to make 50 laptops of the DV6/8/9 series machines... WITH NO HARD DRIVES OR BOARDS. If you had the time, knowhow, and equipment... There is LOTS of money to be made off this guy. I just have only knowhow. (Pictures on add I found lead me to believe there were more full laptops as was informed in contact with owner, but there are only like... 150 mostly intact laptops. Also 200+ disconnected, functional LCD screens, 200 Keyboards disconnected, 20 bad boards scattered, NOTHING LABELED)

    With enough time, I would say that I could net 4000-6000$, but It would take TONS OF TIME to inventory, repair, troubleshoot, list auctions, ship, and store.

    If anyone is near north dakota, I would refer you to this seller. (If you give me a few... and I mean like 6 parts, as my finders fee lol)

    I will not be following up any longer with him, I cant pull it off.

    PM me if you would like this
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