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I am tired of MW2 I'm looking for something fun for the pc I prefer to use 360 controller. I already have all half life games TF2 crysis wars. I tried a demo of serious sam hd it wasn't too bad does anyone have any ideas of a similiar game I'm looking for a digital download from steam or direct2drive or ea. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Why would you handicap yourself with a 360 controller when you could use the mouse and keyboard like a pro? It makes me laugh when I think back to the release of shadowrun where people on PC could play against people on the Xbox 360, and the Xbox players were getting smoked 10-1 lol.

    Step up to the big leages and learn to use a mouse dude!

    As for a good PC shooter, L4D and L4D2 are amazing fun online, VS mode is endless fun if you got a great 4 man team to play with.

    I also think the new Aliens VS Preditor online is pretty fun too.

    Battlefield BC2 is another great online FPS.

    But you're never gunna be good at any of them with a crusty console controller lol!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions but once again as soon as you put the word controller in a pc game forum the bullshit starts why do some people like FPS and others RTS to each his own if you must know I like to play on the big screen and kick back in the recliner when I play
  3. Multiple solutions for your problem bro.

    Myself, I have a very nice desk, very nice monitor set up (3x 24" 1080p Monitors in Eyefinity) and a $300 posterpedic reclining computer chair. This allows for me to use mouse and keyboard and remain very comfortable after hours of gaming non-stop.

    If you have trashy PC desk/chair, you could always get a wireless Mouse (MX1000 comes to mind, bad ass wireless lazer mouse that gets perfect reception from up to like 50 feet away lol! and wireless keyboard, and then you get a laptop stand for your lap (looks like plastic, or wood, with cushons on the underside that sit on your lap, but hard surface on top to hold keyboard/mouse. Might work great to play PC games on the couch.

    All about working smarter, not harder bro. Controllers are horrible and just messing up your gaming experience.

    Eyefinity is a lot nicer than single big screen btw (I have a 1080p 50" LCD in my living room. I'd take my eyefinity set up over it anytime)

    But as said before, you could rock mouse-keyboardboard on the couch too. Don't be lazy, get it done right! Also, Battlefield 1943 is coming out soon, another great FPS to be sure.
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