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Gtx 670 ftw price?

I just bought a 690 and would like to sell this 670 not to sure on how much i should be asking and such. Also this would be my first time selling online so what are some precautions i can take to make sure everything goes smoothly and to prevent me from get ripped off thanks!
Card has been barely used i play killing floor mostly and have recently purchased three 3d monitors and figure the card wouldnt suffice to my needs so i purchased a 690. Has been kept is optimal working condition and no dust has settle on card(i clean case every two weeks).Also the card has 957 days.
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  2. pricing today is new $400 (plus rebates), so for a used electronic part generally a
    30-40% from current retail is a guide. unless it is a hot piece of equipment then
    a small dig (about 20%) is a starting place.

    part number:
    always helps..

    most listed start at $375, but mostly reduce to about the $325 mark. but $300 it
    should sell at. and that includes shipping to 48states.

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  4. this is the link to where i purchased it with all the correct information.
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    Pm'ed you Primewire & hope we can make a deal ;)
  7. Is this still available? PM sent.
  8. Well i decide to post it on Amazon it will be on there in about a day or so. It will be the cheapest used one around 320 and possibly free shipping so if you are guys are still intrested.

    *I live in Florida so it would of been shipped from here but amazon is shipping global i think from Tennessee.
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