How much could I sell my system for?

Case- NZXT Switch 810 black
PSU- Seasonic x750
MOBO- Gigabyte ga-z68a-d3h-b3
CPU- i5-2500k (has never been oc'ed)
GPU- evga gtx 560 ti
RAM- Corsair XMS3 8gb 1600mhz
HDD- western digital caviar blue 500gb
SSD- kingston hyperX 3k 120gb
Mouse- razer deathadder 3.5g
Monitor- asus vs229h-p

Should I sell it part by part or all together and how much could I get each way I sell it? Thanks!
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  1. without peripherials it can be bought in new condition 1200shipped.
    for a fire sale get rid of it - 650
    partout - 750

    selling completes on Toms is tough..unless you have an exceptional price on it, it
    will sit unsold. if you part it out, will be the best to get a better price.
    the case need a local sale.. shipping will kill it.
    if you gotta have more, craigslist or eBay..

    case: $185 new shipped used maybe $100 shipped (parcel post)
    PSU: $140 new shipped used $100 shipped
    MOBO: $130 new shipped used $ 60 (old tech, new stuff is so competitive)
    CPU: $220 new shipped used $175-150 shipped
    GPU: $249 new shipped used $100 shipped
    RAM: $50 new shipped used $30-35 shipped
    HDD: $65 new shipped used $40 shipped
    SSD: $115 new shipped used $75 shipped

    to realize the shipping will be a non-player.. just the cost of doing business.
    hope this doesnt muddy the water too much

  2. I can ship everything overnight free and all the parts have only been used about 2-3 months every other day, will this make any difference?
  3. can, but here not really.. most know what to expect. it helps in selling, but not
    pricing (shipping is pretty much a seller eat it thing). the time thing is almost a
    non-player. unless its brand new in box (BNIB - totally sealed) you are gunna take
    a price hit from current new price.

    if you bought a 240GB SSD for $250 and was selling it today, $150 is a seller, $175
    it might sit a bit, $200 - won't sell.

  4. Okay thanks I think I'll take my chances on ebay or craigslist.
  5. Id offer you 500 but like airdeano said you can get more from parting it out, its just a lot more work and time.
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