FSX/FS9, still getting bad FPS

Alright guys, I have an intel Q9550 over clocked to 3.51ghz, 4gb's Dominator, and an GTX260 Super Clocked version. When I run FSX i get horrible frames, as low as 18fps. And even in Flight Simulator 2004 with addons I get around 22fps and lower at times. Why am i getting such low fps? Is their a rendering issue? I would think FS9 would be getting around 30+fps with the computer I have. Help my out!!
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  1. Quad core CPU should be sufficient to give you decent frame rates. I managed to obtain 25FPS plus using my old E8400 (stock speed) and an oldish 8800GT (512) - so something is not right with your system.

    Can you give us a full list of components used ? ie mobo, HSF, PSU etc ?
  2. Sure,

    Asus P5KPL-CM mobo
    Intel Quad q9550 Oc'd @ 3.51ghz
    4gb Dominator RAM
    GTX 260 Super clocked
    650W PSU
    1T Hard Drive
    Windows 7 ultimate

    I recently swapped an old 8800ultra with the GTX 260, and the performance seems to drop in those 2 games. Games like Call of Duty 4 still run fine. Still stumped on this FS9/FSX issue.
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