Sinistar Controls? Anyone?

I recently got interested in old game called Sinistar. I own it on the compilation Midway arcade treasures (PC).

I've tried playing it with an xbox 360 controller which is ok I was wondering if an arcade stick would be worlds better.

Done a little digging & found that Sinistar used a 49 way joystick &... the player can make the ship move faster or slower, by varying how hard they push the stick, and the ship's movement is not limited to just 8 directions. Attempting to play this game (or others that originally used 49-way sticks) with a standard 8-way digital joystick tends to be frustrating- SiniStar is a very difficult game in the first place; take away the speed control and limit yourself to 8 directions, and it's really, really hard.

So, what's the best solution to play this game as close to original controls as possible on my PC without all the stick modding???

If you play Sinistar what do you use for controls?
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  1. I found this but it looks like a really complicated way to mod the controller.
    I know you said "without all the stick modding" though
  2. Yeah, I saw that too but yeah, I really don't want to tinker that much for one game.
    Thanks for the help though.
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