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hi, i installed assassins creed 2 in my system for the first time and power gone at the middle of installation.............. up to this time its ok and whenever i tried to install next time it asks to uninstall, ok i uninstalled and every time i tried to install its coming like this only i deleted game installed folder, registry, everything i tried but no use whats the prob...................
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  1. If the game is partially installed you will have to FULLY remove it before you can re-intall it and use it.
    If it is asking you to uninstall it still then you have missed a registry key somewhere. most likely under the developer name rather than the game name.

    Or instead, just doing a system restore to a time before you isntalled the game.

    You should then be able to install and play it as normal.
  2. is there any other chances of recovering with opt system restore dude
  3. ^+1
    Look for the registry entries and left over files manually and delete them, if system restore doesn't help.
    System restore can fix this kind of problem usually.
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