Gigabyte mainboards

ok this is gonna be a hard to answer question
atm i am looking for new gigabyte mainboards
and would like to test some with the following features
CIA , MIB , Ultra320SCSI , SATA , ATA133 , DPS2 en Gigalan
going trough the gigabyte site is about impossible since they dont offer a search option for these kinda options

so maybe somebody knows more about it
if there are mobo's who got some or all of the above features

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  1. Dont forget FBI. With the CIA and the MIB (men in black), you'll be able to solve any problems from any cause you could have with your computer...

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  2. lol was thinkin about it also
    me thinks Gigabyte watches to many movies CIA , MIB what next lol
  3. Pick chipset of yoru choice, and voila, comparisons of motherboards giving features. Then pick one that has features you want.

    Or just use that nifty little search box on top right of their page, which is how I foudn this, typing in ULtra320, and hey, it gave me motherboard with ULtra320 scsi.
  4. yeah i know about those 2
    but the comparison wont show the CIA , MIB unless you go over every found mainboard one by one which can be allot of mobo's

    but its obvious nobody knows so i will find it some other way
  5. Hah, ultra 320 is completely useless on a PC, the chipsets don't even support the full bandwidth of Ultra160.

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  6. yeah i was looking over some mobo's and starting thinking about it also dont need the scsi
    i am close to making a decision
    either the KNXP Ultra Rev2.0 or the PENXP Rev2.0
    thing is the Intel875 is a bit better then the 865 which the PENXP has and i assume this wont be possible to change with a bios flash like some mobo's from abit and asus
    then you got the CIA and MIB thing how important is that and is it of any use ?
    once i know more of that i can make a decision allot faster the KNXP Ultra Rev 2.0 still looks best imo
  7. Sorry, the 875P is a 865PE chipset that has been able to pass muster. The differences to you will be non-existent.

    Here's what I understand about PAT.

    As you may or may not know adding pipeline stages to any execution unit will allow you to run it at a higher frequency but it will increase the latency from start to end (measured in clock pulses).

    Now, in order to ensure reliable operation at 800MHz FSB INTEL added 2 pipeline stages to the memory controller (as based on the original dual memory controller in the E7205 chipset)
    This they called i865PE and it will only put into action these 2 stages when 800MHz FSB is applied (which it needs the bios to tell it is the case)

    Intel take the better yields of 865PE and validate them for 800MHz with the 2 extra stages disabled.
    These they call 875P.
    A 875P bios with PAT enabled simply does not "tell" the chipset it is running at 800MHz so the extra stages are inactive thus reducing latency relative to a situation where these stages were activated.

    A hacked 865PE bios will simply follow the 875P bios rule of not notifing the chipset it is running at 800MHz.

    PAT is not an optimization, it's a de-un-optimization

    Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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  8. Cybercraig is will not notice a difference between the boards in respect to performance. On top of no performance difference due to PAT, the 865PE board you are looking at, almost positively, has PAT enabled. Also, as Crash said, SCSI would be a waste on this board. The PCI bus isn't going to let you use this bandwidth anyways. And do you need it? Unless you intend to use several RAID arrays in the rig, which of course can be done, I wouldn't worry about bandwidth problems. Even with several arrays you will not be on your knees begging for more bandwidth, perhaps just the occasional grunt at the milisecond stall or response time of a certain app.
    You can see from my sig what I'm running. The 2 boards you mentioned have the same features and accessory bundles -- yes, even CSA lan in the 865PE board. The only difference of course is the chipset, which is merely no difference.
    The board is rock solid stable and leaves you with a lot of options, or growing room if you want to expand later. You can see that I have my rig running just a little above spec, and it runs 24/7 with no problems.
    In a nutshell, either board you go with will make you happy.

    -- the Doc

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    512mb Mushkin 3500 Level II@472 (2-2-2)
    WD 80gb(SE)x2(RAID 0)
  9. well the KNXP Ultra Rev2.0 and the KNXP Rev2.0 has 1 difference and thats the useless SCSI they should place that with the server board where something like that would come to use

    the PENXP Rev2.0 and the KNXP Rev2.0 looks best imo after some research
    though the KNXP Rev2.0 confuses me in the overview it says it has CIA but in the detailed spec it doesnt mention it so question is does it or does it not have CIA
    hard to find any info on the CIA and MIB features from gigabyte i would like to know if thats of any use at all
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