p4p800e deluxe raid question & seagate corruption

Hey guys, need some help here.

Question #1

The Via RAID is performing slow as hell. Maybe I have it physically connected the wrong way, but at the moment, I have 1 80-pin IDE cable connected to both 120gig Samsung's as Master/Slave. In Sandra, I'm getting max of 41meg/sec with 64k cluster and 64k stripe for RAID 0.

Does one of the HD's need to be connected to the primary IDE connector? What am I missing here?

Question #2.

I have a Seagate 200gig IDE connected to the primary IDE channel as master. No slave. In 2nd channel, just DVD-ROM. No SATA drives. But here's the kicker... occassionally, the data on this HD gets corrupt and XP is doing that checkdisk crap at startup. What gives? I've researched and found that this is a common problem for RAID on P4P800 mobos but I haven't seen anything for regular IDE channels.

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  1. you should have the raid drives on seperate cables, one to each of the raid connectors.

    andnever had any corruption problems on mine, though my hard drives are on the raid controller, not the standard ide.
  2. One small problem... there's only 1 RAID connector. That's right, just one. That's what threw me off, I built my father's PC that has RAID built in, and that had 2 header boards on it. This mobo has 1.
  3. Teach me to not read more carefully, yeah, that's one of the "advantages" of the p4p800e over the original p4p800. Fun part, is that general description of the board says 2 pata ports on the raid card, then the detailed specs say just the one. Yeah, your'e pretty much stuck putting them on that one port then, unless you replaced one or both with sata. Or such is my understnading of that setup anwyays, have the original p4p800 dlx here, which has the via controller that's pata only,r ather than that Promise combo one.
  4. Ok, yeah, I read the info alot more closely. I was planning to get the P4P800 dlx, didn't know the 800E was missing the extra headerboard. Beautiful... I have no SATA drives at all. Time to buy a ATA/SATA converter.

    Okay, let's stick with just question #2 as I listed above. I need to know the solution to that ASAP. Corrupted data sucks ass, big time.
  5. Gack... close this thread, I found the answer...

    Damn annoying, no wonder I was losing data. XP didn't have the LBA register set to On. I thought SP1 update would automatically set that. Ok, I turned the registry on. Now it works.
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