Windows crashes after 9.30 mins while playing movies


I've until recently been using the OS Vista 64bit Ultimate, but I kept on getting crashes when playing movies. I then started to search the internet for the reason this could be happening, and I found a thread some where that stated I should try and change operating system to determine if it was an error in my software or hardware.
I have now changed my OS to Windows 7 64bit Ultimate, but the crashes continues. So Im now starting to wonder what hardware could be creating these crashes. I dont have the money to simply change everything so I was hoping that someone here could point me in some direction for where I should be looking.

And ofcause if some still thinks its a software problem please explain?

Note: Movie players its been happening on - vlc, windows movie player, winamp, divx and nero showroom.
Note: I've tried reinstalling all codec's, no change.
Note: I've tried removing and increasing the volume of the windows page file, no change.
Note: Havent tried playing a movie on any linux OS since every iso bugsout when I try to install them.

Hope someone here can help me with this, bc its really gettiing on my nerves...

Computer Specs:
Mobo: Asus Maximus Formula
CPU: Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz
GPU: Asus EN9800 GTX 512mbram
SoundCard: SupremeFX II (it comes with the mobo, there were no space left on the mobo so asus made it into an extension )
RAM: 2*2 Gb Kingston HyperX Ram
HDD: Maxtor 1.5Tb
PSU: Thermaltake ToughPower 750W (Dont think this could cause the problem, but now you can see the whole picture)

Best Regards,

Ps: I dont know if this is the correct subforum to put this thread in...
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  1. Is it one particular movie that's causing the problem, and is it always at the same point in the movie? If so, the movie may be corrupt or it may contain a virus which is attempting to infect your system.
  2. All movies, and not always at the same point, but the next crash after a restart and then starting any movie will occur after 9.30mins of playing. No matter where in the movie I start it from, nor the lenght of the movie. So the 9.30mins must be the main fact for solving the problem... I've been wondering if the ram could be filled within that time and windows not being able to overwrite any data, or perhaps its ram on the GPU that does the same as the above thing with the normal ram...
  3. That's quite bizarre. Since you have two DIMMs one thing you could try is to remove one of them and see if the problem reoccurs. If it does, then swap to the other module and check again. That could isolate the problem if it happens to be a RAM issue.
  4. Probably temperature. It takes 9.3 minutes to overheat your CPU or GPU???? Better monitor the temps.
  5. After some testing with temperatures and switching between DIMM modules I can now state that neither had any effect...

    GPU heavy load 60 degrees ~ idle 35 degrees.
    CPU heavy load 48 degrees ~ idle 27 degrees.
  6. Do you have the same issue with anything else? (Like games for example?)
  7. The problem only occurs in movies...

    And as I have said earlier I've tried several movie players and reset codecs several times...
  8. I have the same problem but it occur anywhere after some playing time in the movie, computer restart by it self

    everyting works greate in Windows xp on the same PC so it is windows 7 problem

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Ati Radeon X1950
    Motu 828 mk2
    Asus p5b
    8 GB
  9. My problem was solved by changing the hdd which windows were installed on, figured it was something with bad sectors...
    This just means that I cant use windows from that hdd but I can still use it as storage or for other programs than windows...
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