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I recently got a new computer. I aslo got a new moniter. But it was working fine for a good long time and then I turned it off to add a slave drive to it. After restarted, it started to beep at me and the moniter wouldn't turn on. I tried 2 different video cards and 2 different moniters to no avail. But the main problem is is that my Moniter wont click on.

So, I wen online to see what the problem was. I looked and looked and found several websites telling me to clear my CMOS. So I did. Everything spins, turns on except the moniter. I tried taking everything out of it (CPU, RAM, Network card, sound card, modem.) and still nothing. The harddrives are spinning up and such and it sounds like its loading windows but I dont get any sort of screen dsiplay to tell me.
Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. since the problem has started when you added a second harddrive, I'd say that is he problem hardware, NOT anything else.

    A) Are you sure you set the jumpers to Slave?
    B) Your power supply may not be able to cope with the extra strain of the 2nd harddrive
    try listing all the components you have in your system and your powersupply.


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