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Hiya, I had to reformat my Win98SE comp, after reinstalling the OS i installed my Forumla 1-2000 Game & i got a message sayn that TBAUBIOR.DLL is missing, no matter what i do it wont install, and i can find the dll file on the net anywhere. It's not on the Game CD or Win98se disc.

Can anyone help me????

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  1. Are you sure about the name??
  2. google TBAUBIOR.DLL find out exactly what it is.
    look on the game cd see if its there somewhere.
    it may be in a .cab or.zip file in which case use 7zip to extract it.
    use google again to find out where the .dll goes weather it be somewhere in the game /dir or system /dir
    such as : c:\program files\game name\data\TBAUBIOR.DLL
    or c:\windows\system\TBAUBIOR.DLL

    if the .dll is on the game cd simply copy it to where it goes.
    if not on the cd try finding a download of the .dll

    there is a site i think its www.downloaddlls.com
    if not it it something close to that.

    once you download the .dll
    i can not stress that point enough
    lastly place file where it belongs and run game
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