[SOLD] Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X - Visiontek 7970 - WANT: 660ti/670/680

I have a 7950 Vapor-X that I bought in January. Great card, I just don't game that much and want something better for Folding at Home. I would prefer a 660ti that is non-reference design but I am open to all offers. I would be interested in 670s too and I could come up with some cash also. I will sell the card straight up for $265 shipped. SOLD

I also have a Visiontek Reference 7970 that I just got back from RMA. I will sell that for $285 shipped. SOLD

I am also looking for a 1155 compatible CPU water block and 6 identical compression fittings. I could also use a socket 775 compatible CPU cooler.

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  1. what size fittings?
    particular block in mind?

  2. 3/8-1/2OD at least, XSPC Raystorm or better. Might be interested in another 240 or 120mm rad too.
  3. sold my last set of 3/8 comps this past weekend. 10x 1/2x3/4 bits matte is all i have left.
    got an ek xt 240 (58mm), 2x xspc rs240 (35mm), alphacool xt45 360, no single
    fan rads..

    have koolance 370si, heatkiller 3.0 NiBl, RASA, DT is about the spare blocks, too

  4. I could use the fittings, the 370si, and the ek xt 240. PM me with an offer, this is in part of a trade right?
  5. Added a 7970 into the mix.
  6. 250 for the 7970?
  7. No thanks.
  8. Would you take $260 for the 7970?
  9. No. In fact I'll probably just keep it because after testing it out yesterday it overclocks like a monster, way better than my first one.
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