Which of the 2 following boards should I use?


I have a P4-3.06 processor and my choice of the following 2 mainboards to use:

Soyo P4VGM (NOT the version 1.0)
Soyo P4I 845PE V1.0

The reason between either of these 2 boards? Cause I have access to both and the price is right.

Anyways, I'm leaning towards the P4I 845PE V1.0 due to the number of features is has versus the P4VGM, plus I do not need integrated video.

However, I also don't need IDE raid, or SATA. I haven't found any definitive head to head comparison tests (unless I missed it!) of these 2 chipsets. Which one is faster, and which board do you think I should use and why?

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  1. Definitely the second one, Intel chipsets for Intel processors.
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