heard about DFI motherboard? CPU temp problem

Any one heard anout DFI motherboard with Intel P4 2.8E, I just buy this motherboard and recommanded by the techinician. After I start to use this board I foundt that the initial CPU tempreture is 70 C . My fans speed is around 3500 rpm. after I open a one week the tempreture become around 66 C and the fan speed still remind 3500 rpm. Is this tempreture is normal or abnormal. HELP!!!
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  1. any one hear any DFI or any DFI user, I really need this help!!
  2. P4 2.8E is the prescot which is known for the fact it heats up alot, I think you temps are more or less on the dot when it comes to prescot. doubt it has anything to do with your mobo.

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  3. I am not sure I agree with that assesment. No two ways about it, presscots run hot, but that seems too hot, even for them. Lets run through some basic checks.
    Have you removed and reapplied heatsink with some artic silver?
    Do you or a friend have another m/b to test chip ( I had a overheating issue with P4C 3.0 and it turned out to be the m/b.
    Try these and report back, we can go from there.
  4. I have already remove heatsink with some artic silver, I put my hand near the cpu fan, I not feel any hot air. I heard from my friend that maybe the motherboard temp senser is too sensitive until not accurate, got this probilty or not?

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  5. any have help me??
    the DFI motherboard website is http://www.dfi.com/
  6. What wussy said, I had MSI m/b that did same thing, when replaced, new m/b and cpu run half or less temp.
  7. sure lol, just replace it. Personally, I would want to make sure it is the fault of the mobo before I sent it back and cost $ to the maker, vender and myself (shipping) but hey that is just me. No wonder the prices are so high, he he, alot of us novice system builders seem to be jumping the gun and sending things back that may (or may not) work. I would try the simple thing and double check everything first, including reading up on the chip a bit.
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