Fallout 3 random ctd with window 7 64bit

hey guys i have a problem with fallout GOTY edtion and for some reason every 30 mins or 5 mins the games freezes and forces to force it to close and i tried the following from other people who had the problem for wins 7 64 bit editions

windowed mode

plug out second monitor

update to 10.3

disabling all dlcs

starting over from the begging


turn off all programs


some of these help other peoples problems but not me and
if anyone solved this problem before please tell me because this is pissing me off.

just in case specs

mobo: p7p55 LX from assus
5870 from ati
cpu i5 750
ram 4g g skill 1600
sound card: built in

i know this might been posted but i have searched and tried forums suggestions and fallout 3 just keeps on crashing
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  1. I think i was having same problem, try this;
    apdate DIRECTX
    download patch from fallout side,
    that should fix you up..
  2. Of the patch doesn't fix it, uninstall and reinstall your drivers for your sound and video card. I had an issue where Fallout 3 would crash upon startup (when it worked just fine before that) and it was due to the sound drivers being corrupted or something. I uninstalled the drivers and allowed Windows to find the latest ones and my problems have cleared up since.
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  4. it works!
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  6. cool...have fun.
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