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I'm about to build a workstation mainly for Cad/Graphics/3D visualization. It'll also work as a server for one or two more machines (internet access, printing and backup). I allways heard that Intel and Asus boards are the most stable. But the tests I recently saw here (THG) made me think about an MSI. I intent to use:
-P4 2,8Ghz Prescott (1MB cache)
-Western Digital Raptor 36GB as main disk
-1GB Kingston DDR400 memory
-NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL, 380XL 64MB DDR graphics card
-Chieftec BX-02B case
...Motherboard???...Asus P4C800 deluxe...or...
MSI 875 Neo-FISR or LSR...or...MSI Neo2 865...Gigabyte GA-8KNXP...other?
The main goal is stability/quality...overclocking capacity and un-necessary extras won't be considered.
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  1. I understand your need for stability/quality, and also that performance isn't an issue! The reason is, ANY modern system with a good graphics card is fast enough for this kind of work. I hear a lot of guys talking out their arses about performance, but the only thing we need improved upon is power in doing FEA/FEM.

    Having said all that, Intel makes the most stable boards. They do that at the expense of some performance, but the loss in performance compared to "performance" boards is extremely small.

    Most of the boards your looking at do indeed have un-necessary extras!

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  2. as the Man said, get the cheapestest 875 chipset board and be happy with it.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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