installing sata on gigabyte board?

I just bought a new computer with a gigabyte mobo - GA-7N400 PRO2. In addition i have also bought a sata hdd from western digital - 80gb. On my attempt to install windows xp i came across the problem in which the setup cannot locate any drives. after fiddling around and reading online i saw that i must hit f6 when setup loads and direct the setup to the sata controller drivers that came with my mobo. My question is : does anyone know what files i need exactly from my mobo cd - which will be copied to a floppy , in order to boot the sata controller drivers? thanks.
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  1. Windows should locate the driver. Just select "floppy" when prompted.
  2. uhh , thats not what i asked... i asked what files should i put on the floppy? the exact files that is, where do i get them? cause right now the files i thought would do the job arent - windows setup keeps saying to insert the correct floppy.
  3. You need first to set your HDD properly by pressing F4 right after POST when prompted, then going on booting from CD.
    After pressing F6 when prompted, just insert the Silicon Image floppy provided with your board and Windows Install will ask for it eventually. Just press enter when it asks you to insert the floppy in A: to load Sil3112 drivers. If you don't have such a floppy, download the drivers from
    <A HREF=" Pro2.htm" target="_new">this site</A> and copy them onto a floppy.
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