Whats the final word on the Abit IC7 Heat reading?

I'm using the Abit IC7 with a 3ghz P4/HT and am slowing OCing it because I'm doing some big renders and anything I can shave off the render time per frame adds up.

I remember a lot of talk when I first got it that it read temps 10 deg higher then they really were. I'm using Speedfan to monitor temps while in XP and I was wondering if I should shave off 10 deg's from what I am seeing or take these temps as real?

BTW what are the max temps for CPU, FSB, Case I should be seeing?

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  1. nobody has an answer? :/
  2. Speedfan should be fairly accurate if it's set up right. It's hard to say where all your readings are coming from. MBM5 readings are way off on my board compared to Speedfan. I get temp readings from a sensor that isn't even there. If you are running a Prescott you should be 10C hotter than a Northwood. Speedfan is the recommended program for the MSI P4 boards and everyone on the MSI Forum says it's the most accurate. It ought to be fine with the ABIT boards too.

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