Operation Flashpoint 2 vs ARMA 2

I'm a HUGE fan of the first Flashpoint. However with my lower end computer I can't play the newer one or any like it and am finally building a new one. A few friends that were like me bought the newer one, they were huge fans of the first, but really didn't seem to get into it and anotehr said "eww" about it :pt1cable:. I also saw that Codemasters completely developed the OFP2 and not Bohemia Interactive. Considering I LOVE OFP1, would ARMA 1 and 2 be more like it or OFP 2 is just like the first?
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  1. Well OFP 2 has changed allot since the first one, but ARMA 2 is a great game, steam has demo's of both if your interesting it trying before you buy.
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