Damaged AGP slot? please help diagnose...

Hey all,
What kinds of things might a damaged AGP slot do?

I recently purchased a 9600pro after my Geforce2 pro crapped out on me (I think it had overheated b/c I was getting visual artifacts and the fan had failed when I opened the case.)

Anyway, the 9600pro has been lots of trouble too...see here. However, I tried it in another computer (with an ECS mobo) and the card worked fine. That is, I could play games on the other computer, but not on this one (it locks within a minute).

The odd thing is...on this (epox 8k7a computer, the card (the PCB of the card, not the heatsink) is about as warm as my CPU heatsink (MBM reports it at 43C)--in WINDOWS (idling). On the other computer (ECS k7s5a), the PCB & heastsink are both very cool...like almost as if they were off, even though I was running Medieval: Total War (a game that crashes on this box).

So I tried a Matrox PCI card and a ATI AGP (Rage IIC) in a ECS K7S5a computer and this one (Epox 8K7A). On this computer, the ATi card ran noticeably hot, about as much as the 9600pro--PCB was hotter than heatsink. On the ECS, the Rage is doing just fine, cool to the touch. On the ECS, the Matrox was a little warm (it's fanless); on the Epox, it's about the same, maybe a little warmer (probably due to the fact that the ECS runs a 1.2 duron and this is a 1.33 thunderbird).

I ran the same drivers for both computers. I also tested a variety of drivers on the Epox to try and resolve the instability in games.

I also swapped the power supplies between the two computers, noting that the problems persisted regardless of power supply.

The AGP voltages are at default--not increased. The AGP busses are not overclocked on either machine.

Is there anything else I should be looking at? Or is this epox board probably on its way out?
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  1. Sounds like it's overvolting the AGP slot. Maybe somebody will know of proggie to confirm the volts to the AGP (like MBM5 does for vcore and vdimm) or some other way to check.

    I'd be wary of burning out another vid card till you can check the agp voltage.

    Another thought, do the cooling fans on the vid cards run at the same speed on both mobo's?

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  2. Yeah, the fans run at the same speed for the 9600. The Rage IIC is fanless. But both still run hotter on the computer w/the epox.

    And, I'm using a Matrox PCI video card right now...you're right--I'm definitely not risking anything in that AGP slot.

    Also, I don't know how to test the AGP voltage...I checked on google, but it seems like this sort of thing would be motherboard specific...and mine didn't come with any proprietary software (or options in BIOS) to check/change the AGP voltage. But it does seem like some kind of power regulator is messed up...

  3. If you know a bit of electronic, get the spec of the AGP slot and identify the position on the connecter where the voltage is provided to the card. They should be identify by 0 Volt or Ground and +3.3Volts (I'm not sure of all AGP slot voltage...). Then use a multimeter with a fine probe (or use a little copper wire) to probe the Voltage of the AGP slot. It it's out of spec without card in the slot, there is probably a oltage regulator problem with the MB. If the voltage seems fine, plug the AGP card in and measure the same voltage with the AGP card load. You should still be within spec.

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  4. Haha...uhh I have no idea as to what you're talking about...don't really know much about electronics--just a high school student here.
  5. Quote:
    don't really know much about electronics--just a high school student here.

    You don't learn electricy/electronic basics in some class? :smile:

    Lookin' to fill that <font color=blue>GOD</font color=blue> shape hole!
  6. Nope...sorry :/ But I wish I did know...seems like if I could measure the power #s then I'd definitely know if something was wrong.
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