Directron has the Fractal Design's Core 3000 USB 3.0 in stock + sale

I purchased one, but now I am worried they are going to ship the older model. Why would a brand new model be on sale for $49.99? They are also the only reseller I can find that has them in stock. Seems worrisome, no?

When I purchased, there is a "comment box". I put in it... "Please make sure this is the model listed. I specifically need the USB 3.0 model."

I received my tracking a couple hours ago. So, we shall see I guess.
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  1. I want to update you guys.

    I received it today. Its the new USB3.0 one which was released on the 7th of Feb. Just as advertised. For basically 40% off.
  2. You are a lucky guy. They are now $70 there.
    Sounds like a fine case - let us know about it and if it is quiet.
    I have thought about their R4 that is designed to be really quiet.
  3. Yeah, I don't know what the deal was with such a drastic discount before they were even officially released in the US. I was psyched when it actually arrived as I was fully expecting the 2.0USB model and a screw up.

    I am happy with the case. Its very quiet.

    Its still a sub $100 dollar case, mind you. It is pretty minimalistic. But, I like the fact that it seems like it was put together by hand, but well. The paint job is matte, and seems hand painted, but nicely done. Its a little rough around the edges (not literally) but I find that for having paid 60 dollars including shipping it is one of the better cases I have owned.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, Tense. Since the price is back up to $70, this thread is closed.

    That was brief. Maybe they have a "Deal of the Day?'
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