Arma 2 Very low fps on low Res.

Hey everyone,
im stumped.

My pc = AMD Phenom x4 9750 @ 2.4ghz, 8 GB of DDR2 Ram,
and an XFX 4890 1gb DDR5

i run Arma 2 at normal and somethings high (aa off, af off, postproccessing off shadows low)
the res i run it at is 1024X768, thats really low.

multiplayer i get about 20-30 fps max.
never higher.

Anyone know why?
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  1. Maybe bad connection, like slow internet?
  2. No couldnt be,
    my internet is 10 MBPS dl, and 1 mbps upload

    its not internet lag, just fps low.
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